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Online Islamic Education

Fiqah means to follow the rules of Shari’ah. The word Fiqah is also used in Quran and Hadith. Islam doesn’t leave us freely, there are some boundaries and restrictions for doings. There are lot of things which we have done in our daily life. Some of them are good (Halal) and some of them are forbidden (Haram). That’s why getting the knowledge of Fiqah is essential for everyone by Quran Pak Teacher.

According to the Hadith:

“Anyone who follows the Islam without the knowledge of Fiqah is on the right path but is going to the wrong direction.”

Because if you don’t have the knowledge of fiqah sometimes its lead you to a punishment (Azaab) by Allah even you think it yourself that you are doing good, but actually not.

Our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) sent his companions (Sahaba) to different areas to teach the new Muslims about the Ahkamat-E-Shari’ah (Orders of Allah) and guide them to the right path of Allah. Sahaba made them understand about the Ahkamat, issued some Fatwas to them and asked them to worship Allah Almighty.

Everyone knows that he is not here for all the time, one day we will die. We have to prepare ourselves for the next world (Akhirat) where we will be questioned about our all deeds which we have done in this world. If we would do good deeds we will be awarded by Paradise (Jannat) and if we would do bad deeds we will be punished by Allah as Hell (Jahannum).

Why Us?

Quran Pak Tutor in an Online Quran Academy who teaches Islamic Fiqah very well to Kids and Adults of any age. We have lots of expert Male and Female Quran Tutors who teach students about each and everything with examples by showing slides. We make our students well aware about all the Ahkamat in good ways.

So, it is necessary for all of us to get the Islamic education and awareness about the Ahkamat. We have to spend our Life according to the rules of Shar’iah. Quran Pak Tutor should be your peak choice to take Online Quran Classes at your home via Skype.



Ali (SA)

“It’s the best quran learning service. My Kids are learning the Holy Quran without any problem. Teachers and very experienced and kind to childs. God Bless You.”

Ahmad (UK)

Quran Pak Tutor is a great platform to learn the Holy Quran. I am learning basic Tajweed rules. Now my recitations have become better.”

Asma (UK)

“My two kids are learning Quran reading with Shia Quran Learning. I am fully pleased with the attention given by the teachers and they are learning very fast.”