Learn Quran with Tajweed

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Learn Quran with Tajweed

Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) said:

“Make your voice beautiful when you are reciting Holy Quran.”

Quran reading has the immense importance in our life. As a Muslim we must know how to read the Holy Quran. When you start to read Quran by a Qari, must Learn Quran with Tajweed. You should know how to pronounce the alphabets and what the rules of Quran reading are. Quran Pak Tutor teaches you how to pronounce the Arabic Letter from specific places, about Harkat, Sakin, Tashdeed, Tanween, Stopping Signs, Grammar and much more.

Quran Pak Tutor is the best platform for Learn Quran with Tajweed who has the best Male and Female Quran Tutors to teach Kids and Adults with the good method of teachings all over the world. You should read the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation. Basically Tajweed is the soul of the Holy Quran. If you will not pronounce the letter correctly, you can make lots of mistakes during the recitation. Because each letter has the different sound and different aspects.

Quran Pak Tutor is providing Kids and Adults Online Quran Classes facility at home via Skype by highly qualified Male and Female Quran Tutors with affordable cost. Our tutors teach students about the Alphabets, their pronunciations, about vowels, movements, stopping signs and lot more during the class.

If Kids and Adults are become expert in Basic Qaida Reading, then they can easily and fluently read the Holy Quran. So, Basic Qaida improve their reading ability and they will be a good reader of the Holy Quran in future. Our services of Online Quran Teaching are worldwide for Kids and Adults of any age. Give us a chance to boost yourself.



Ali (SA)

“It’s the best quran learning service. My Kids are learning the Holy Quran without any problem. Teachers and very experienced and kind to childs. God Bless You.”

Ahmad (UK)

Quran Pak Tutor is a great platform to learn the Holy Quran. I am learning basic Tajweed rules. Now my recitations have become better.”

Asma (UK)

“My two kids are learning Quran reading with Shia Quran Learning. I am fully pleased with the attention given by the teachers and they are learning very fast.”