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Quran Pak Tutor – Online Quran Academy

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

“The best of you are those who learns the Holy Quran and teaches to the others.”

Holy Quran is the 4th divine Book of Allah Almighty which is revealed to our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) from Allah through Angel Gabriel (a.s) in the month of Holy Ramazan over a period of 23 years. There are 114 Surahs in the Quran, each Surah is divided into verses. The longest of the Quran is “Al-Baqara” and the shortest Surah of the Quran is “AL-Kaousar”. Of the 114 Surahs, 8 were revealed in Makah, while 27 were in Medina.

Our Objectives:

Quran Pak Tutor is a worldwide Online Quran Academy who is teaching Holy Quran to Kids and Adults via Skype. Our objective is to spread the teaching of Islam throughout the world and Learn Holy Quran with Tajweed. Our expert Online Quran Tutor are working hard to make the bright future of the Kids and Adults by teaching them attentively. We have friendly environment during the class and understand the Quran to our students with the efficient ways.

Quran Pak Tutor offers following courses to the students:

  1. Basic Qaida Reading
  2. Online Quran Reading
  3. Learn Quran with Tajweed
  4. Learn with Tafseer
  5. Online Quran Memorization
  6. Islamic Education

These courses are for the Kids and Adults of any age. Our highly qualified tutors teaches you with your selected course very well. Each class will be of 30 minutes per person per day. We make the course easy and understandable for all with our teaching strategies. Just select the course and Register yourself to take 3 Days Free Trail Classes now.

Why Us?

  1. Quran Pak Tutor is an International Online Quran Academy for Kids and Adults.
  2. We have highly trained and qualified Male and Female Tutors.
  3. We provide one to one class to each student at a time.
  4. Our Monthly Fee is affordable for everyone.
  5. We have both Urdu and English Speaking Male and Female Tutors.
  6. Our Registration is free of cost.
  7. We provide 3 Days Free Trail Classes to everyone.
  8. Class Time and Days are at yours choice.
  9. Our services are available for 24/7.



Ali (SA)

“It’s the best quran learning service. My Kids are learning the Holy Quran without any problem. Teachers and very experienced and kind to childs. God Bless You.”

Ahmad (UK)

Quran Pak Tutor is a great platform to learn the Holy Quran. I am learning basic Tajweed rules. Now my recitations have become better.”

Asma (UK)

“My two kids are learning Quran reading with Shia Quran Learning. I am fully pleased with the attention given by the teachers and they are learning very fast.”